5 Chili Recipes for the Fall Season

Chili is one of the great fall comfort foods that’s so easy to create in the kitchen. Whether served up at parties, tailgating events or on a cool autumns day, chili can be spiced up and flavored to just about anyone’s liking. Since October is National Chili Month we want to celebrate!  Here are 5 great chili recipes we’ve pulled together.  If you use these recipes to make up a pot of chili, let us know how it turned out.  We think you’ll enjoy every last bite!

  1. Yucatan White Bean Chili – Navy beans and cubed pork filet flavor up this chili.
  2. Black Bean Chili – Black beans, along with yellow pepper and chunky salsa bring this chili to life.
  3. Cheesy Chili Mac – This chili uses elbow macaroni, Worcestershire sauce and Italian seasoning.  
  4. Chili Con Carne – For fork-tender beef, gently simmer this chili in a tightly covered pan – oh so good!
  5. Five-Way Cincinnati-Style Turkey Chili – This chili is spooned over spaghetti pasta and is garnished with cheddar cheese and dark key beans.