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  • When I look around and see so many people enjoying Hispanic food, it reminds me that not long ago people couldn’t recognize a tortilla! Prior to the 1970s, little food, cultural, behavioral and health research addressed Hispanics in America and their socio-demographic status. Four decades later, as a result of dramatic growth in the Hispanic population, and limited information about Hispanics’ food/culture and health-related behaviors, there is a surge of interest in Hispanics and their [...]

  • It’s no secret that proper nutrition is a key component to feeling good and looking your best. With the official start of summer behind us, now is a great time to focus on making nutritious choices that will give you and your family the energy you need to keep up with a full calendar of summertime activities. Thankfully, the USDA Dietary Guidelines, as illustrated by MyPlate, help Americans to decipher the most nutritious food choices. [...]

  • Grilling season has officially arrived and while many of us will pull out the hamburgers and hot dogs for our first grill-out, other options raise outdoor cooking and entertaining to a new, celebratory level. Recently, I came across a delicious recipe for American lamb kabobs marinated in fruit and vegetable juices and skewered with fresh oranges, onions and spices. I like it because it is easy to prepare and there’s no other meat like lamb: [...]