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  • I am all about trying to eat healthier, and sneak in healthy ingredients when I can. My family doesn’t always like the experiments, and sometimes roll their eyes at me, but I still have to try! That is exactly how these Quinoa Veggie Burgers came to be. My husband likes quinoa, and I am always looking for more ways to use it. I have seen lots of people use it in burgers, and veggies burgers [...]

  • When I was a kid, Oreos were my favorite cookies in the whole world. Today, they are the dark crunchy crust of my decadent chocolate mousse pie. It’s a bit more sophisticated but just as memorable. This deep, rich chocolate dessert is my Valentine to you. As an eater, I’m not sure which gives more pleasure: licking the spoon after folding mounds of freshly whipped cream into liquid chocolate infused with espresso and Kahlúa, or [...]

  • Everybody has a favorite dessert. Most folks have a sweet heart. Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly. Being the logical person that I am, I took those three facts into consideration when I made this Boston Crème Pie recipe recently. Remember that romance means something different to everybody. So approach your romantic dinner and dessert from the perspective of your sweetheart. Consider the question: “What would they love?” in the planning of your evening. If [...]

  • I think chocolate is one of the best foods ever invented! It has taste, color and texture that make it unique but it’s also incredibly versatile. You can mix chocolate with many flavors – orange, ginger, mint, coffee and chili to name a few. Over the holidays I baked my favorite chocolate fudge cake and boy, it went down well! Here it is, minus a big chunk which my husband and son surreptitiously removed whilst [...]

  •   My father is a minister, and through my growing up years, our family enjoyed many a holiday meal in homes of church members. We enjoyed the fellowship of gathering around the table together, and as an added benefit, we sampled some of the finest recipes known to southern cooks. When we lived in East Tennessee, we were most delighted to get an invitation for dinner from an older woman in the congregation named Edith Gose. In a church [...]

  • I enjoy baking during the Holidays.  The house smells so good, and it is rewarding to share gifts from the heart with neighbors and friends.  Loaves of bread make wonderful gifts, but with all of the activities going on during the Holidays, it can be hard to find time to bake.   These Cranberry Orange Mini Loaves make great gifts.  They are quick breads which means they don’t require much hands-on time or effort. Quick [...]