Kid-Friendly Lunch and Meal Ideas

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With school back in session post-break, the kids are returning to their regular routines. But that doesn’t have to mean lunch as usual. Surprise your kiddos with some fun lunches and meals using these ideas from the food blog

This adorable Nutella Piggy Sandwich will be the hit of your kiddo’s lunch table, and with simple step-by-step instructions, you can recreate this sandwich in the morning before the kids head to school.

Using cookie or roll cutters of various sizes, Nutella, and a sandwich bag, you can easily prepare this fun sandwich any time of day.

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Another adorable take on the Nutella sandwich from the same food blogger, this Nutella Bear Sandwich is just as quick and easy to create.

Following a very similar set of instructions compared to the Piggy version, this Bear calls for just a few additional steps requiring scissors to cut the legs and toothpicks to hold the ears onto the bear’s head.

The best part — these sandwiches can be customized to showcase different faces.


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To pack in some protein that will surely cause some excitement around the lunch table, try creating these Hotdog Crab and Octopi simply by cutting along a specific pattern.

Then add eyes and a mouth using cheese and sesame seeds. You can use many other items to decorate these adorable creatures, so feel free to get creative.

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