Let Them Eat (Tiny) Cake!

Pink Rainbow Cake from Call Me Cupcake

Pink Rainbow Cake by Call Me Cupcake

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve seen a trend in tiny, often individually-sized cakes showcased in everything from weddings to birthday parties. I can’t help but find them to be adorable. Here are some petit cakes. Click the photos to get the recipes.

This lovely and whimsical pink rainbow cake was created by the very talented blogger at Call Me Cupcake. I especially enjoy the simple, yet creative presentation, with the surprise pink layers inside.

For recipe instructions in English, scroll to just below the final photo in the series on the blogger’s page.

Oreo Buttercream and Raspberry Chocolate Cakes

Oreo Buttercream and Raspberry Chocolate Cakes by Always With Butter

Believe it or not, these beautiful mini cakes created by blogger Always with Butter have four layers.

The best part about layer cakes is that you can play around with different layer flavors. The Oreo malt cake features a buttercream frosting and the raspberry cake has both chocolate and cream cheese buttermilk frosting and layers.

This delicious and artful chocolate mousse cake was made by a pro pastry chef,but anyone can recreate this dessert using the step-by-step instructions and photos for reference at the Pastry Pal blog.

Chocolate Mousse Cake by the Pastry Pal
Individual Chocolate Mousse Cake by the Pastry Pal.

The sculpture atop the cake was created using cereal, for a fun, crunchy texture to mix with the smooth, rich mousse. With a total of five separate elements, this cake is well worth the prep process.

Chocolate Cake Made on a Panini

Mini Chocolate Cake by Panini Happy

This tiny chocolate cake was created on a panini press using ramekins. No, I’m not joking. Two individual cakes were cooked in ramekins by placing them between the panini presses.

Check out the creative and artistic skills of the blogger behind Panini Happy to inspire your next tiny cake creation.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or simply a Tuesday, consider whipping up a small cake for your special day.