National Sandwich Day Love Affair

In honor of National Sandwich Day, I assembled a few sandwich facts and suggestions. (I did this right before lunch, and now I’m hungrier than ever.) Sandwiches have been around since the Neolithic era (aka New Stone Age). This stackable delight had a humble existence until the 19th century, when the industrial revolution made it a sensible lunch solution.

Enough about that. I’m hungry. My favorite sandwich has got to be the grilled cheese. Or maybe Philly cheesesteak. I also love veggie subs, and there is a real place in my heart for peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches.

What’s your favorite sandwich? Is it a PB&J? A club sandwich? Maybe a Reuben? If you feel like putting a new sandwich onto your menu, consider these ideas. Let me know what you think! Now, I’m off to lunch.