Popsicle Recipes: Part 3 — The Sneaky

Photo courtesy of www.LostGardenBlog.Wordpress.com

Two weeks ago, I posted about poptails, or boozy popsicles. Last week, I wrote about kid-friendly popsicles featuring fresh fruit flavors. This week, I’m building upon the kid-friendly to the down-right sneaky.

What do I mean by sneaky? Well for many parents, (and spouses), it can be difficult to get family members to get their recommended amount of vegetables each day. Smoothies are one great way to sneak in extra nutrients, additionally, you can bake vegetables right into desserts as well. But when it comes to summer, think popsicles.

Yes, that’s right. You can add pureed vegetables right to fruit-flavored popsicle recipes and your kids will be none the wiser.

For example, pictured above are the Strawberry Banana Popsicles with a Twist from food blogger Fiona of the blog Lost Garden. If you’d rather stick with fruit-only popsicles, check out her Berry Coconut Popsicles as well.

As a child, I didn’t enjoy much about the holiday season beyond the sweet potato casserole. With that in mind, one food blogger at Organic Authority created a Sweet Potato Popsicle recipe.

If you’re interested in creating your own sneaky popsicle recipes, check out The Sneaky Chef’s recipes for vegetable purees that can be added to baked goods, as well as smoothies and popsicles:

Purple Puree
Orange Puree
Green Puree

I would also recommend checking out The Sneaky Chef books for more great tips on how to sneak some extra nutrients into kid- and adult-friendly foods. Enjoy!