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  •   Oooooooo, rosemary!! Fragrant, delicious, and oh so versatile. Now, I love just about ALL fresh herbs, so it’s super hard to pick a favorite. But, if I had to, it would probably have to be rosemary. After all, not only is it exquisitely yummy, but its aroma alone can get my mouth watering every, single time. We’ve tried — and loved — rosemary in so many different ways:  with garlic, lemon, potatoes, Kalamatas…you name [...]

  • I think chocolate is one of the best foods ever invented! It has taste, color and texture that make it unique but it’s also incredibly versatile. You can mix chocolate with many flavors – orange, ginger, mint, coffee and chili to name a few. Over the holidays I baked my favorite chocolate fudge cake and boy, it went down well! Here it is, minus a big chunk which my husband and son surreptitiously removed whilst [...]

  • Many of you may be scolding me for posting these decadent, irresistible cookies only two days into the new year when the most popular resolution is to lose weight or at least eat healthier. But I just cannot help myself! It is impossible for me to resist so why must I be alone in consuming all of these cookies? The more I share, the less I have to eat! These cookies are made with chunks [...]

  • I enjoy baking during the Holidays.  The house smells so good, and it is rewarding to share gifts from the heart with neighbors and friends.  Loaves of bread make wonderful gifts, but with all of the activities going on during the Holidays, it can be hard to find time to bake.   These Cranberry Orange Mini Loaves make great gifts.  They are quick breads which means they don’t require much hands-on time or effort. Quick [...]

  • With the holidays coming, we have family visiting from out of town and out of state. We generally have a Christmas Eve buffet for the entire family and then a traditional Christmas ham dinner with folks who are able to attend. But with the hustle and bustle that comes with the season, add in the multiple family obligations, and things get a bit crazy. I’m sure you’re family is a lot like mine in this respect. [...]

  • While visiting my children in Michigan this fall, I was lucky for them to introduce me to Biscoff Crunchy Spread.  I have enjoyed Biscoff cookies that were served on the airlines but this took me to an entirely new level of enjoyment.  Lotus Products of Belgium make this wonderful spread similar to peanut butter and it really good just spread on an apple or a toasted bagel. When I tasted the spread, all I could [...]