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  • If you love warm banana bread and rich buttercream icing, this banana cake is your dessert dream come true. Just like everything is said to be “better with bacon,” I’d argue that the same rule applies to frosting. Especially when that frosting is a homemade vanilla buttercream. Think sweet (but not sugary) and decadent (but not dense), this icing is a creamy finish to an already dreamy cake. Speaking of cake, the addition of ripened, [...]

  • Hot weather’s coming. I’m ready for it. I’m tired of the cool, rainy spring we’ve had. I’m planning ahead for all the fun things I’m going to do in the hot sunshine of the summer days that will soon be here! Antique shopping. Hammock testing. Barbecuing. Working on the Sailboat. Iced Tea Sipping. You can see, I’ve got a list going already! When the temperatures go higher and I’m looking for a cool dessert, I [...]

  • The Chiquita Banana Jingle. Chances are, you can sing, or at least hum, a few bars of the famous Chiquita Banana jingle. The song first hit the airwaves in 1944 when Miss Chiquita made her debut. It was written to help teach Americans how to ripen and use bananas, which were, at the time, an exotic tropical fruit. At its peak, the jingle was played 376 times a day on radio stations across the United [...]

  • If you are anything like me, you go to the grocery store with wonderful intentions.  You try to spend the majority of your time on the outside perimeter of the store (the “food-group” aisles), avoiding the rows of canned, boxed and processed foods in the middle of the store.  I try to keep the pantry and refrigerator stocked with healthy food options and more often than not, I’m pretty successful. This is why I buy three [...]