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  • It’s time for the holiday baking to dominate your kitchen! I hope you had a talk with your oven about all the overtime it is going to be accumulating over the next month. Which means you need to be sure that you fill it with plenty of delicious treats for compensation. Last year through a holiday cookie swap, I received a batch of white chocolate cherry shortbread cookies. They were the best shortbread I had [...]

  • A beautifully poached pear in red wine is at once simple and a culinary work-of-art. Dressed up with a fragrantly spiced, ruby-red reduction sauce and freshly whipped cream, it dazzles the eyes while blithely dancing over one’s taste buds. At first glance you might think it a shi-shi, labor-intensive dish best enjoyed at a restaurant. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when you know the secrets to success—and that it’s the ultimate make-ahead [...]

  • Blueberries are one of my all time favorite foods. Juicy, sweet and colorful, the blueberry is a delicious fruit that lends itself to many culinary uses. I serve blueberries almost every day for my family. They’re great sprinkled on top of granola for breakfast, and a handful of blueberries thrown into a fresh fruit salad after lunch never goes amiss. I love to experiment by combining blueberries with other flavors when I’m cooking; and I [...]

  • When I think of summer desserts, shortcake is one of the first things on the list. I love every fruit I have encountered (except grapefruit), but berries hold a special place in my heart. Many memories have been made while picking berries at the local U-pick farm near where I grew up, and shortcakes were a common occurrence after a really great haul of strawberries. The shortcake I am sharing today can be made with [...]

  • The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and pool covers are being tossed aside with wild abandon. In other words, summertime has arrived! So what’s on your warm weather menu? Why not compliment your charbroiled burgers, grilled veggies and rustic potato salad with this gorgeous flag cake? Not only is it perfect for the Fourth of July, but the combination of fresh strawberries, blueberries and rich buttercream will be a hit at any summer cookout. After [...]

  • In my family, when it comes to desserts the majority think fruit before chocolate. I definitely follow that trend unless peanut butter is also involved with chocolate, as anyone who knows me is aware. So when I was put in charge of the menu while visiting family in Boston, I put my typical peanut butter-brain aside and started digging through my bookmarked fruit dessert recipes. This of course lead to deciding between far too many [...]