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  • Hi everyone! I’m so excited today.  Not only is this my very first post as a contributing writer, but I made fudge.  Not any ordinary type of fudge. Cake Batter Fudge. Yes. The ooey, gooey, sweet, sinful taste of yellow cake batter in fudge form.  Chocolate fudge…. you’ve met your competition. Raise your hand if you’re guilty for licking that giant wooden spoon after mixing up some cake batter. C’mon. You know you do [...]

  • Were you aware that Oreo turns 100 this year? Sure enough in four days, on March 6th, Oreo cookies will officially turn 100 years old. I certainly had no idea these versatile cookies had been around for a century until I saw the Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreos stacked on an end-cap at my grocery store – the creme in the middle is speckled with confetti sprinkles and tastes just like a birthday cake smothered in [...]