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  • This week is the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Sixty years as a reigning British monarch is no mean feat – only Queen Victoria reigned longer, for 63 years and 7 months to be precise. So with a little luck, Queen Elizabeth II may yet go down in history as the longest-ever reigning British monarch. Having grown up in England, I naturally gravitate towards this kind of historic occasion. The pomp [...]

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  • Hot weather’s coming. I’m ready for it. I’m tired of the cool, rainy spring we’ve had. I’m planning ahead for all the fun things I’m going to do in the hot sunshine of the summer days that will soon be here! Antique shopping. Hammock testing. Barbecuing. Working on the Sailboat. Iced Tea Sipping. You can see, I’ve got a list going already! When the temperatures go higher and I’m looking for a cool dessert, I [...]