Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup


That’s right, kids, the Thanksgiving Day Feast countdown is on – are you ready? I’m not either.

But it’s high time I got the ball rolling on things, because I’m cooking for everybody. I like doing it, but with a busy schedule, I need to make sure I’m ahead of the game or we’ll all be feasting on pb & j (which does not go well with gravy).

If it’s your turn to cook the whole shebang, or if you’re being asked to bring something to the family table, here are some resources I’ve found that could be helpful.

A Handy Dandy Thanksgiving To-Do Checklist from Bon Appetit. They started the countdown a few days ago, but you can still catch up. There are links to loads of recipes, too.

Check out the Food Lab’s Complete Guide to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving over at Serious Eats. There’s a planning timeline, recipe links and tips for getting it all done.

If you’re looking for some meatless thanksgiving recipes, you can find some at, and at the New York Times’ “Thanksgiving Feast, No Turkeys Allowed” series.

I need to come up with some gluten-free recipes for my mom, so I’ll be looking into some from The Gluten Free Girl, as well as what is claimed to be “The Best Gluten Free Stuffing” over at Serious Eats.

If you’re all about the side dishes, you’ll want to visit the Cooking Channel’s Sensational Side Dishes section, and see what’s cooking at The Tasty Kitchen.

Want to do more with thanksgiving leftovers than just make sandwiches? Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with some nifty recipe ideas. You can find more yummy leftover ideas in “Next Day Noms” at The Cooking Channel.

And, my friends, let us not forget dessert.
• You can find everything from Pumpkin Pie to Cranberry Upside Down cake at The Joy of Baking.
• These Mini Pumpkin Pies from Make and Takes look adorable.
Food and Wine has a lovely selection of T’day desserts, too.
• And you can try two gluten free apple pie recipes at The Art of Gluten-Free Baking.

There you have it – a quick round up of Thanksgiving goodies. Enjoy!

Dawn Mundy

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