Why I Use Pinterest

Honey Cloud Pancakes from ThingsWeMake.wordpress.com

Photo courtesy of ThingsWeMake.wordpress.com

You may have heard by now (it’s been in nearly every news email I’ve received this week), Pinterest was recently named the third most popular social networking website. Many of you may be skeptical, but hear me out; this site is — quite simply — genius.

Before I signed up for Pinterest, I was using several different…let’s call them methods…for saving recipes I found online. I had an account with a website that allowed me to save links via keyword, but had trouble recalling what keywords I had associated with links. My second method was to save recipes directly to sites with accounts unique to sites such as WholeLiving, but because this service wasn’t offered on food blogs, I began emailing recipe links to myself as well. These three processes quickly became cumbersome.

Then came Pinterest…and with this introduction, people with visual memories everywhere began to rejoice. Not only can I tag and save images of recipes, clothing, destinations and more, but I can categorize, organize and even remember what I had been enamored with just days before.

Beyond being able to save what Internet gems I find though, I’ve come to discover that by following pin boards of friends, family, bloggers and yes, even celebrity and corporate pin boards, I have quickly loaded up with a wealth of recipes.

For instance, not two days after I was telling a friend I had tried a Dutch baby pancake for the first time, she sent me a link to a pin of a beautifully photographed pancake she’d found on Pinterest, pinned from the British-based blog ThingsWeMake.wordpress.com. The title of this breakfast dish — Honey Cloud Pancakes — sounds too good to be true, but the image and recipe really seem to live up to the name.

Made with honey, vanilla, fruits, butter and eggs, this oven-baked pancake from Ed and Claire of ThingsWeMake has been on my mind since I first saw the photo. I can’t wait to recreate the recipe this weekend. Every now and then I wake up later than usual, brew espresso to make a latte, create from-scratch breakfast, and enjoy a quiet morning exploring pin boards on Pinterest, or wading through the wilds of a fantastic book while sitting on my balcony.

Whether you consider yourself tech-savvy or not, I’d recommend checking out Pinterest when searching for or saving recipes. Who knows what you’ll be inspired to create?

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